Monday, January 7, 2013

Favorite Mysteries of 2012

Happy New Year!
Here are my favorite mystery/suspense novels of 2012.   (These are books that were originally published last year.)
They are listed alphabetically by author, as trying to rank them by how much I liked them is beyond my capabilities.  Clicking on the title will link you to my review. 

  • A Killing Winter (Leo Desroches #2) by Wayne Arthurson (Forge hardcover, 10 April 2012).
  • A City of Broken Glass (Hannah Vogel #4) by Rebecca Cantrell (Forge hardcover, 17 July 2012).
  • Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad #4) by Tana French (Viking hardcover, 24 July 2012).
  • What the Heart Remembers by Debra Ginsberg (NAL trade paperback, 4 September 2012).
  • The Skeleton Box (Starvation Lake #3) by Bryan Gruley (Touchstone hardcover, 5 June 2012).
  • The Beautiful Mystery (Chief Inspector Gamache #8) by Louise Penny  (Minotaur hardcover, 28 August 2012).
  • Poison Flower (Jane Whitefield #7) by Thomas Perry (Mysterious Press hardcover, 6 March 2012).
  • Valley of Ashes (Madeline Dare #4) by Cornelia Read (Grand Central Publishing hardcover, 14 August 2012).
  • The Book of Lost Fragrances by M.J. Rose (Atria hardcover, 13 March 2012).
  • Before the Poison by Peter Robinson (William Morrow hardcover, 21 February 2012).
  • The Other Woman by Hank Phillipi Ryan (Forge hardcover, 4 September 2012).
  • Dark Lie by Nancy Springer (NAL trade paperback, 6 November 2012).

I'm interested to hear whether or not you agree with my choices.  And what are yours?


  1. I haven't read any of these, Marlyn. Good to hear of some interesting new mysteries and authors.

  2. I haven't read any of them either, Marlyn. But that means nothing, I'm a notoriously slow reader.

  3. Jenny and Peg, I do hope you have time to check out a few of these!

  4. Thanks for sharing your favorites. Several of these authors are on my list to try, but Cornelia Read is at the top. Which one of hers should I read first?

    1. L>J., the first one in the series is A FIELD OF DARKNESS. It should get you hooked!

  5. Great list, Marlyn! Thanks for this! I'm going to click on them and decide which ones to buy - maybe work my way through all of them. I see a couple of Canadians on the list, too - Wayne Arthurson and Louise Penny.

    1. Wow!! Your enthusiasm is energizing, Jodie. BTW, I met Wayne at the same LCC where I met you.


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