Thursday, November 14, 2013

What is Your Dream Writing Space?

We just saw what Drew Kaufman refers to as his “Writing Cave” and it made me wonder how many other writers have such a place to write, and how similar or different author space really is. 

When I wrote my first book I was still practicing law. I was working fourteen-hour plus days, seven days a week and had virtually no time to write. So I set my alarm an hour and a half early every morning and wrote every day. I didn’t want to waste a minute of that precious time, so I parked my laptop on the bed and when I woke up I would roll over, sit up in the bed against the propped up pillows, and begin to write. It worked for me, at least for that book.

The rest of my books have been written primarily in my office in a comfortable chair with a desk computer. It’s quiet and no one disturbs me. And my walls are covered with inspirational comments such as this one to the left. It usually gets me started.

Actually, my whole house has motivational comments throughout, but the ones that inspire me to write are in my office. When I get stuck, I take a quick look around the room and read my walls. It usually gets me going again. And when I have deadlines to meet or I just don't feel quite as inspired as I need to be, this sign is a gentle reminder that I need to keep writing. 

So, there you have my “writing cave.” It’s not my “dream” writing space, but it works. My “dream writing cave” would be an office with a wall of glass looking out over the ocean in a quiet spot where I could hear the waves crash against themselves and the smell of sea water would permeate the air. Maybe some day.

Do you writers have your “dream writing cave?” If so, what is it? If not, where do you write?


  1. I have a nice space with a big window that looks into my pretty backyard. But we're building our dream home, and it will include my dream office. Big windows and a great long-distance view of the valley I live in. Not the ocean, but still beautiful.

    1. I have a nice office too with a window and before the pine tree grew too large I could watch the fireworks at Sea World...still want my ocean view though.

  2. I have a nice writing space with French doors on one side of my desk that lead to my summer writing area, and a fireplace across from my desk for the colder days. I'd love a place on the ocean, or on a river. In the meantime, the fountain outside the doors will have to do for my water feature.

    Fun to dream...

  3. Hmmm...maybe I need to re-think my Writing Cave. But then I wouldn't have as much fun writing about it. There's a tradeoff somewhere in there--I'm just not sure what it is. Need to think on that one, too.


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