Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is Santa Killing Thanksgiving?

Today is the day our founding fathers set aside to give thanks for what we have. George Washington proclaimed this day a day for the people of this country to unite and be thankful. It has become a day where families make an effort to see one another and even though they often over-eat, they also have some wonderful traditions.

For many years Black Friday has been the big day to shop, but do we really want Black Thursday? Or Black Thanksgiving? Many stores have been traditionally closed on Thanksgiving Day allowing employees to spend time with their families. Last year Walmart, and several other large corporations, decided to start the sales earlier, tearing the employees away from their families. It also cuts the day short for the people who can’t afford to pay full price for those special gifts they want for their loved ones.

I realize the shopper has a choice to not give up Thanksgiving Day in order to take advantage of the big sales, but I personally find it a little disturbing that the stores are pushing the sales further and further into this day of giving thanks. For the last six or seven years my nieces (who have little ones) plan for weeks ahead and get the good deals. They have folders and charts that plot out exactly what the kids want and where they need to go to get the best deals. They get in line around midnight to wait for the stores to open. They bring blankets and lawn chairs and get ready for the big rush. We all join in and help. Some of us stand in line keeping them company or saving their place. Others bring hot chocolate and snacks. It has become another family event and the kids end up with a very bountiful Christmas.

Now my nieces have to make a choice: spend time with their family on Thanksgiving Day, or get the gifts for their children they couldn’t otherwise afford. They have chosen to give up “Black Thanksgiving,” but why should they have to? And what about the employees who don’t have a choice?

Is this just me, or do you think Santa is killing Thanksgiving? What do you think about the sales creeping into this special family holiday? 


  1. I agree, Teresa. Seems like corporate greed is trying to lure people who can only afford to shop when stuff is on sale away from spending precious time with their families! Just stupid!

  2. Watching the news footage of Black Friday from Canada, I just can't fathom standing in line overnight for a sale for something my family could live without, knowing I could end up being trampled in a stampede. It seems like the very opposite of what Thanksgiving was meant to be. :-(

  3. I'm with you, Teresa. I used to have a friend for whom Black Friday was a fun holiday tradition. She and a girlfriend would get up early, drive to a shopping area, find a great parking space, rondezvous often to stow packages, and shop until they dropped. I wonder what she's doing now.

    For me, a decided non-shopper, the internet is my favorite store.

  4. I don't even participate in Black Friday, having in the past worked too many of them. I find it ironic that the day after we are giving thanks for what we have, there are those who go out and acquire more. It isn't corporate greed -- stores wouldn't be open if the people didn't go. No one is forcing anyone to shop.
    The answer to this is to not focus on the *buying of things* at Christmas -- kids don't need laptops and cellphones or mountains of toys -- and focus on the values of the holidays.

  5. The only thing I do to celebrate either holiday is spend time with my family. But I am sad for employees that have to work on Thanksgiving so some corporation can make a few extra dollars.

  6. I'm with you, our holidays are no more about the meaning of that holiday. Corporations have forgotten the meaning of family unity or togetherness. Probably started by someone who wanted to avoid the in laws. lol.


    I think my grandma was right when she bought for Christmas in July. She often got the best deals and less hassle. And she always seemed to get the very thing you needed that would make you smile.


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