Friday, September 13, 2013

Name Those Young Men (and win a free book!)

by L.J. Sellers, author of provocative mysteries & thrillers

Contest update: Winners have been announced on my personal blog.

I’m going gangbusters on my new Jackson novel (#9), but I keep getting stuck trying to decide names. So I often throw something in—so I can keep writing—and tell myself I’ll think of the right name later.

Well, 20,000 words in, it’s time to settle on some names. And readers are always so helpful, I’m asking everyone to pitch in again. I’ll make it worth your while, of course, by giving away a print copy of Crimes of Memory, Jackson #8 to my favorite submission, or if you prefer, an ebook when it’s released on Oct. 15. I also have print and ebook ARCs of The Trigger, a standalone thriller coming out January 1 to other entries I like. Winners get to chose their prize.

In this new (nameless) story, Jackson investigates the death of a young woman who works as a caregiver but has a shadowy existence and no connections to anyone. I need a name for her and her three-year-old son, who becomes quite attached to Jackson.

My first thought for the boy was Cory, but I already have too many K sounds in Jackson’s personal world (Katie and Kera). So I switched his name to Milo, which I really like, but sadly, I decided the name is too much like Micah (Kera’s grandson). I try not to confuse readers. So I’m looking for something sweet—for the boy, that is. (I'm personally trying to give up sugar...again.)

In addition, one of the suspects is a fourteen-year-old who lives next door, a skater who claims to hate guns and violence, yet has a collection of knives He needs a more compelling name than Josh, the placeholder I’m using.

And being one of my complex mysteries, there’s a second victim, a star UO football player, a quarterback with emotional baggage that I really can’t reveal. So I need three young male names of varying ages.

Feel free to submit for all, or just one…if it seems perfect. You can leave a comment or email me with your submissions. Thanks for participating.


  1. Cory=Will


    second victim=Art

    1. I thought about Tony too! But the skater is a Tony Hawk fan, so that might be a little weird. Thanks for participating!

  2. If I may make a comment about "Will," although I really like that name, sometimes it can be awkward in a novel, like "Will Will like that?" or "Will will be coming, too." etc.

  3. Oh! A diversion!!!

    Young & Cute: Benjamin; Danny

    Potentially Twisted Teenager: Elliott; Ross; Nelson

    Football Player: Alex; Buck; Kevin

    Caregiver: Tyne; Melody, Nicole

    1. Thanks! I like Bengi for the boy, and Buck is fun for the football player.

  4. For the little boy: Jacob
    that's all I've got for now...names are hard!

  5. caregiver Carmella

    three-year-old son, Gregory

    skater skitter

    UO football player, zachary

  6. Seems like a murky background should have a name that fades into oblivion.

    Mom - Mary Smith
    Son - Johnny Smith

    Neighbor boy - Trip

    Players - Carlos, Logan, Niles

  7. Caregiver: Scarlet
    Little boy: Oliver

  8. three year old: Brian, Devon, Jason, Stevie, Adam

    skater: Nicholas (Nick), Martin, Carl, Desean, Garrett

    football player: Sean, Jared, Glenn, Darren, Jed

    (Let me get a bit more food and liquid in me after the Yom Kippur fast, and I may have some more for you.)

  9. There's my grandson, Joey. You can call him Joseph when you're mad at him. :-)

    I keep a spreadsheet of names organized by letters of the alphabet so I don't repeat too many that start with the same letter--your reminder that sound is important too is a good one.

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