Friday, September 20, 2013

Do You Want to Give A Shout Out for a Favorite Author?

By Peg Brantley
Evocative Characters. Intriguing Crime. Compelling Stories.

Most of our readers simply enjoy our books, and really in the end that's quite good enough. But sometimes readers would love to know how they can support us and get the word out.

Here are a few ideas:

★ Write a review for Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, DorothyL, For Mystery Addicts, your local library’s website, or any other online review site. It doesn't have to be detailed. Just what you liked.

★ Talk about the book on social media sites. Twitter, Facebook… you know what I mean.

★ Blog about it.

★ Ask your local library to order a copy of the book.

★ Donate a book to your local dentist, doctor, or hairdresser to put in the waiting room.

★ If you’re part of a group, even a group that's not about reading, tell them about the book.

★ Suggest the book to your book club, if applicable. Most of us would be happy to attend a book club in person if possible, or Skype.

★ “Like” the book on Amazon.

★ Direct people to our website.

★ Write a review for your local newspaper.

★ Purchase copies to give away as Christmas and birthday gifts.

★ Pin the cover or other pictures to Pinterest.

★ Share your favorite quotes from the book online. If you purchase an e-book, highlight your favorite quotes. (Personally, I get a kick out of these even though I'm not sure they contribute to any sales.)

★ Suggest the book on reading forums, like those you can find on Goodreads.

★ Make a video about the book and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.

Can you think of any other way a reader can help spread the word? (Thinking hard about this as my next book is about a month away from release. October 22nd, October 22nd, October 22nd…)

I'm currently in NYC enjoying a brief getaway. If I don't respond quickly to your comments, you'll know why—I'm either at MOMA or Ground Zero.


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