Thursday, September 19, 2013


There are many moments of exhilaration for authors as they work they’re way through the process of writing a novel. At least there is for me, and I think it is the same for most authors. I expect we vary a little on which points get us the most excited, but we all have them. 

The author starts out by sitting down at a computer (or whatever device they use) with a blank screen. She (or he) has probably at the very least had some story-lines going through her head. Or perhaps a great character or two. And then she starts to write. 

After many months or maybe even years, a first draft is finished...first moment of exhilaration! (My favorite part.) Some of us even break it down into smaller chunks, like completed the first chapter...Yay! Or, first third of the book, or half-way there. We do whatever we need to keep us motivated. 

Another moment is when we discover the perfect title. (Maybe that’s my favorite part.) That can come at any time during the process, before we start to write, halfway through, or sometimes the author is still struggling with it when it’s time to design a cover. It’s tough to have a cover without a title. 

Then the editing process. And even though I actually enjoy this part, I’m still thrilled when it is finally done. By then, I’m getting pretty sick of the story. (Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is my favorite.)

Sparks fly again when the new cover arrives all shiny and new and exciting. Yay! (Wait, this is it. The new cover. It must be my favorite.)

But the ultimate is release day when all the world has access to your new novel. This is often celebrated with a launch. My latest book, The Advocate’s Ex Parte, is almost there. It will be released and launched on Sunday, September 22, on Facebook at (This is absolutely my favorite part!)

And then the reviews and the emails start to come in saying how much they love the book and what a fabulous writer the author is. How could this not be your favorite part? This is definitely, unreservedly, positively, my favorite part of the process! 

As an author, what is your favorite part? 

I try to involve my readers along the way. This last book, my readers helped with the title, the cover, a few characters, and some of them with the editing process (my beta readers). And they certainly are involved in the reviews. As a reader, do you, or would you, like to get involved? If so, what is your favorite part? 

Teresa Burrell 
Author of The Advocate Series

Please join me on Sunday as I launch The Advocate’s Ex Parte!


  1. I love how so many stages are your favorite. I feel the same way, but sometimes in retrospect.


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