Friday, April 5, 2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you

by Peg Brantley

Last October I asked writers in a few groups I'm associated with to donate books to support a worthy cause. I'm very proud to belong to this community. You came through beautifully!

The Shaka Franklin Foundation's primary purpose is to provide education on mental health issues with a strong focus on teen suicide and prevention. Their annual fundraiser luncheon will be April 26th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Denver, and this is the first time books will be included as part of the auction.

The presentations were courtesy of A la Carte Gifts and Baskets.

Thank you all so much!

From Sisters In Crime:

Patricia Batta, Sally Carpenter, Carola Dunn, Sandra de Helen, Susan Santangelo, Lane Stone and S. D. Tooley
From Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers:

Mariana Damon, Marni Graff, Laura Haley-McNeil, Nina Romano, Lauren Small, and Mark Stevens

From Indie Chicks:

Heather Adkins, Donna Fasano,
LK Gardner-Griffie, Sibel Hodge,
and Tonya Kappes

And (drum roll please)….

From Crime Fiction Collective:

Gayle Carline and L.J. Sellers


  1. Hope you make tons of money for your charity, Peg!

  2. I'm always happy to donate signed books to good causes! Mental health awareness and teen suicide prevention are critical issues. Thanks for being involved.

  3. I'm always happy to donate! Thank so much for letting me take part.

  4. Thanks all of you for having such fabulous hearts. xoxo

  5. A great cause. Always happy to help! :)

  6. Congratulations on collecting all those fabulous books for your very worthy cause, Peg! If my book had been out in print at the time I would have loved to donate a copy! Not sure it would get there on time now, though.

  7. It really has been kind of fun… and surprisingly easy. I might do some more volunteer stuff at some point (looking at L.J.).

    A wonderful side-effect is that LK Gardnre-Griffie has named Shaka as the foundation to receive a portion of the profits from one of her new releases. The generosity of our community of writers just leaves me feeling all warm and gushy. (And based on the scene I'm currently writing, I feel compelled to clarify that feeling doesn't include blood.)

  8. Had I known...

    Please let me know next time.

    i hope it raises a lot of money.

  9. Peg,

    Drop me an email about this. I might have a resource for you.


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