Monday, April 21, 2014

When multitasking is not your forté

by A.M. Khalifa, thriller writer, Google+

This is my last post as a regular contributor to Crime Fiction Collective for now. Thank you L.J., Peg and others for hosting me, and Jodie for inviting me in the first place. The experience has been tremendous, and I would strongly recommend group blogging as a fun and interactive way to engage with savvy readers and talented writers. But being the great multi-tasker that I am not, I am stepping aside to focus on reigning in my numerous wayward writing projects. I am working on the last installment in a collection of romantic suspense shorts about strong women struggling to find their place in life. And not one but two full length novels this year, one of which is the sequel to my critically acclaimed debut, Terminal Rage. I will be blogging erratically on my site, so you can join the conversation here. And you know how writers love seeing their email list swell, so do sign up below to my newsletter for periodic updates on my writing adventure.

I leave you with two short clips from London and Sydney exploring with members of the public what the title Terminal Rage conjures up in their mind.

Goodbye for now, but I am sure you will be seeing me around these parts, popping up every now and then. Thank you again for a wonderful run!

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My romantic suspense, The Italian Laundromat is currently discounted at 99 cents on Amazon!

A.M. Khalifa's critically acclaimed debut novel, Terminal Rage, was recently described by Publishers Weekly as "dizzying, intricate, and entertaining." 

Foreword Clarion says, "Khalifa manages to pull off something that is often difficult to do in the crime-thriller genre—he keeps the novel unpredictable and lays out a plot so twisted that the puzzle picture morphs as more pieces are added."

The ebook version of Terminal Rage is available for $2.99 on Amazon.


  1. You've contributed some excellent blog posts here at CFC, Aymen! I could say I'll miss you, but no need - I know you and I have a lasting friendship and will continue to stay in touch and encourage each other! And collaborate on more of your stories! :-)

  2. And, of course, good luck with all your endeavors and upcoming projects! I'm off on my big move across the country the day after tomorrow!

  3. I enjoyed your posts too. Best wishes with your writing endeavors!

  4. I love the videos! They had me grinning :D I hope they all go and buy the book! I'm sure we'll be seeing you again on here Aymen (and on your blog) and thank you for introducing me to the lovely folks at CFC. Looking forward to the sequel!

  5. It's been wonderful getting to know you a little through CFC, Ayem. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around, and always... my best wishes for your continued success!

  6. Wishing you all the greatest success.


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