Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's new? Not much. Only everything.

By Gayle Carline

It's been almost two weeks since I went to Left Coast Crime, which is, like, a year in a dog's life, so I should be talking about the future instead of the past. So I'll do that, except that I first have to tell you all what a fun convention it was and how much I enjoyed seeing LJ again and meeting Marlyn for the first time.

This was my second convention - in 2009 I went to Bouchercon. Normally I go to writer's conferences, which are a lot different than conventions. Conferences are about getting fired up about writing and doing the work. Conventions are more about chilling and meeting people. After LCC, I finally think I know how to relax and be at a convention.

On to the future: I came back from the convention to shifting priorities. Before I left, I was writing three books, in various stages. I'm smack-dab in the middle of my third Peri mystery. I've started development of a new mystery with new characters. And I'm about 10,000 words into my horse's memoir (see his blog for an explanation). I was juggling these balls without problem.

Until I got my rights back to my first mystery, FREEZER BURN. Suddenly, if I wanted to keep it available, I needed to get a new cover, find the last version of the novel and put all the parts together myself.

Other projects? What other projects?

The good news is I'm not derailed, only detained (and a little deranged). I've got the cover, I found the file* and it should be up and rolling on Kindle and CreateSpace soon. Here's the new cover:

What do you think?

*After I found the file, I couldn't resist editing a few things. So it's the same book, only a little better!


  1. I like it too. It's vivid, with a single powerful image to focus on. But I would make your name bigger. Readers have to see it in thumbnail size.

  2. I agree with L.J. Bump up your name. Other than that… suh-weet!


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