Monday, October 31, 2011

Angels Among Us?

Angel Condemned by Mary Stanton.

Reviewed by Marlyn Beebe.

Brianna Winston-Beaufort has two law practices. The "temporal" office, the one that pays the bills, is located in an office building on Savannah's Bay Street. The celestial office is located in a house on Angelus Street, and can only be found by Bree and the Company who work there with her, and perhaps the occasional client.

The staff and clients of the Angelus office are not living humans. The staff are what is commonly known as angels, while the clients are the souls of the dead who believe they've been wrongly condemned to Hell.

In this, the fifth installment in the series, Bree's aunt asks her to represent her fiancé Prosper White. Prosper is being sued by an antiques dealer for allegedly stealing a valuable magazine cover for a museum display. Bree hopes to settle out of court, but before she has a chance to do much, Prosper is murdered and Cissy is the prime suspect, although there is no shortage of people who disliked Prosper.

Meanwhile, Bree is trying to ignore the summons of a celestial client, who also claims to have been wronged by Prosper as well as Allard Chambers, the antique dealer.

Mary Stanton has created a believable protagonist in Bree, who understands the task she has inherited, but sometimes wants to decline, and is always frustrated by bureaucracy, whether temporal or celestial. And although all the elements of a horror story are here: evil attorneys opposing Bree, mirrors that reflect demons and paintings that portray reality, this is not a frightening tale.

Rather, the philosophy underlying this unputdownable book, that there is someone working to correct divine mistakes, is a comfort.

*FTC Full Disclosure: Many thanks to the publisher, who sent me a copy of the book for review purposes.

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Marlyn! I'll be looking for this book.

    And LJ - love your new cover for Secrets to Die For!

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  3. I love the books by Mary Stanton. I've been a fan right from book one "Defending Angels". The cover art is fantastic also.

    While I would love to win one of the two books being gifted.. I'm not a fan of e-readers. The Nook Color I got is a pain in the neck to use and I'm passing it on to my partner.

  4. What a fun sounding book, Marlyn. Thanks for the review.

    And good luck to the commenters. Both books are terrific.

  5. Sounds like a great book it's going on my wishlist.
    thanks for the giveaway both books sound great!

  6. Enjoyed the review, Marlyn. I'm adding the book to my tbr.
    Happy Halloween to all!

  7. Anyone who commented who wants an e-book of Secrets to Die For, email me at ljsellers.novelist
    Thanks for stopping in.


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