Monday, August 8, 2011

The art of racing

Dead Man's Switch by Tammy Kaehler.*

Reviewed by Marlyn Beebe.

Kate Reilly has been racing since she was a kid driving go-karts. Now, she's grown up, and hoping to be a full-time driver for a team in the Amnerican LeMans Series. Arriving at a track in Connecticut early one morning, she discovers the body of Wade Becker, a veteran driver.

Since she discovered the body, and is asked by the manager of Wade's team to take his place, Kate is the main suspect for the crime. While Kate is excited and thrilled to have the opportunity for a real gig, she's not so happy about the belief that she killed someone to get the job, and decides to prove her own innocence.

Although she's not a professional driver, Tammy Kaehler's exposition is detailed enough to make the reader think she is. Like many amateurs Kate's sleuthing puts her in danger, but unlike many she does try to keep the police informed. Kaehler has a deft hand with prose and has written a tale so absorbing that I jumped when my husband came into the room as I was reading it.

I look forward to reading more about Kate!

*FTC Full disclosure: I read an ARC of the book on NetGalley.


  1. Tammy Kaehler did some amazing, in-depth, behind-the-scenes research— which she chronicled in a short video for the series. It would explain how she achieved just the right touch of authenticity in her book.

    Thanks for a great review, Marlyn!

  2. Thanks, Peg. It was really a fun book to read and review. Oh, for those of you who haven't seen
    Tammy's video, it's available on her website,

  3. Thanks, Peg and Marlyn both! I'm just so thrilled that people enjoy Kate and her racing world as much as I do.

  4. Always a good sign when you're drawn into a story so much that the real world jolts you from it. Sounds like a good read.

  5. Thanks for this review, Marlyn! Looks like a great book! I'll have to look for it.


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