Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Joplin Fundraiser Update

I’m delighted to report that together we raised $833.50 to send to the Rodriguez and Ramierz families in Joplin who lost their homes, cars, and even a workplace in the devastating tornado last week. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought books, spread the word, or made a direct donation to the cause, and a special thanks to friend of the blog, Lois Hirt.

Our real total was even higher, because we received several emails from readers who asked for the family's address so they could send cash directly, and Judith made an additional donation to the After the Storm efforts for North Minneapolis.

In other news, I was surprised and pleased when my local paper (the Register Guard) ran a short piece about our fundraiser. Every link, Twitter, and news story helped make a small difference in the family’s life.

I wrote this post last night, at the end of Memorial Day, and it seemed fitting to be reminded of the tremendous generosity and courage of so many people around the country. From the smallest acts of kindness to the sacrifice of soldiers' lives for our country, we have much to be grateful for.—L.J.


  1. And we are grateful to you, LJ, for pulling this together. I'm so proud to be a part of Crime Fiction Collective.

  2. I'm beyond speech. Thank you for masterminding this, L.J. And thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

  3. It was very gratifying to get involved in the recovery effort...even in this small way.

  4. I'd like to thank L.J. for coming up with a great idea, this group as a whole for jumping in, getting behind it, and making it happen. And of course, to our readers who have shown us once again how lucky we are to have them.


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